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The House  

   The Petrovitch & Robinson house is a line of women's clothing designed and manufactured in Paris. In the 1980s France Petrovitch and Eva Robinson created the France Haneva brand which became Petrovitch &  Robinson. The premature death of France Petrovitch in 2008 does not change the brand in its approach to high-end and designer ready-to-wear.  

   Eva Robinson continues to work on the timelessness of the models, their precise and contemporary cut and the fabrics chosen with a lot of research, but gives a more up-to-date orientation to the brand. Feminine and clean dresses, as well as more casual styles like jumpsuits and crepe overalls attract French and international clients. The collections are based on the classics of the brand, and are always created with a concern for responsible and sustainable production.

   The Petrovitch & Robinson house is a dynamic and versatile company, which diversifies its offer and its collections over time. It offers crepe and satin models in a wide range of colors. The fabrics are produced with the Oeko-Tex label, purchased in Europe.  The collections are entirely designed in the house's workshop in Paris. The production and marketing processes are part of a 100% eco-responsible approach.  



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